Five Tips to Protect Residential Metal Roof Panels from Rust

By Harry Harvey May5,2022

Residential metal roofs are one of the most durable and robust materials for roofing options. The popularity of metal roofing has soared in recent times, courtesy of the tripartite advantages of affordability, longevity, and protection. However, metal roofs can also succumb to natural depreciation despite their praise-worthy strength. Thus, it is imperative to remain proactive and safeguard metal roofing from rust. If you have installed a metal roof recently or are looking for ways to protect your home’s roof, read ahead.


1.     Lesser the Debris, Better the Protection –

You should avoid relying on snow and rain to rinse away the debris and leaves from your metal roof. By taking some time to remove the unnecessary accumulation, you are doing your roof a favor. Year-round contact with wet leaves and dirt can make the metal roof vulnerable to corrosion and rusting. Therefore, using an extendable window cleaning brush with soft bristles will facilitate the immaculate removal of debris from your roof and increase its durability.

2.     Say Goodbye to Bushes –

Trees and greenery are your property’s shining stars. Nevertheless, the case is the opposite for metal roofs. Although metal roofs are renowned for their strength, they cannot go unscathed if there is constant abrasion from tree limbs and bushes for prolonged periods. The worst-case scenario is that their finesse and sheen will be compromised, and the quality can be damaged from a single violent wind motion of hard-enough branches. Thus, it is crucial to trim the trees and bushes engulfing your roof, and if possible, you should not grow trees near your metal roof.

3.     Minimize Foot Traffic –

Do not treat your metal roofs like a regular pavement that can tolerate the brunt of regular foot traffic. Scratches on the surface can expose the steel sheet, making the roof susceptible to rust and corrosion. Likewise, a constant stream of foot traffic on your roof can also mangle its appearance. Hence, the key is to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when you have to stamp on your metal roof. Consequently, you can prevent the bending of its panels by walking directly over its joists and purlins.

4.     Additional Measures for Extra Safety –

Some additional steps can also preserve the life of your precious metal roof. Applying paint to the roofs is an excellent way to ensure that the panels don’t rust. Likewise, opting for an elastomeric coating means that your roof will remain hale and healthy for years. The last tactic is to apply liquid zinc to the roof panels to keep corrosion at bay.

5.     Do not Skip on the Professional –

At times, opting for professional roof maintenance services can do wonders to your home. They will ensure comprehensive repair and remedy for your metal roofs and locate fissures, failures, and other issues with surface coatings and sealants. Thus, it is an investment that you should not skip.

In conclusion, protecting your metal roof from rust is doable if you follow the above mentioned steps. Precaution is better than cure, which is precisely what you should strive for!

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